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Rethink, Reinvent, Retrain – April 4, 2010 – Segment One

2Minutes&MoreRethink, Reinvent, Retrain ““ While working in the corporate world, most people are boxed into a specific area where only certain types of skills are needed. When making the decision to go out beyond those restrictions, people really have to think about what skills and knowledge base they are going to need to thrive during the transition. One of the options people should strongly consider is pursuing an MBA. In addition to the traditional MBA, there is also the Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) and the Executive MBA (EMBA). Both are great ways to learn about finance, marketing, operations, sales, and other areas you may not have been familiar with in your corporate job. Caller Rob McLeroy, President and Founder of Infotainment, addresses how he got his MBA after being in the professional world for some time and how the MBA  experience helped him to identify the business structures and  theories he already had exposure to but could not identify by name. Even though Rob’s MBA education took place in an academic setting, it still gave him a lot of real world experience, as a substantial amount of work in these programs includes doing hands-on activities.  When it was time for Rob to make his business plan, there was nothing he had to learn from scratch. Rob maintains that market research is critical, as is understanding the market you want to enter.  You can’t build a product if you don’t know what market you’re selling it into.

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