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Good Bosses and Bad Bosses – CEO Interview Ryan Black, Acai Sambazon – January 17, 2010 – Segment Three

2Minutes&MoreInterview with Founder & CEO of Sambazon, Ryan Black, who founded the company in 2000 after discovering the amazing Acai­ fruit during a surfing trip to Brazil. Quickly realizing that the sustainable trade of this fruit was a powerful vehicle to spread a message of corporate social responsibility, Ryan began the arduous task of building a sustainable business model in the developing world with mainstream promise. His efforts are paying off as Sambazon Sustainable Acai­ is now being enjoyed by world class athletes and health-conscious people across the globe.

A social entrepreneur, Ryan is guided by the philosophy of the “Triple Bottom Line” which demonstrates that corporate success can be achieved on an economic, social and environmental level. Intrinsic to Sambazon’s corporate mission is creating a force in the Amazon that enriches the lives of thousands of local families, aids in the economic growth of the region and protects the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest through Market Driven Conservation. Working closely with the world’s foremost conservation organizations (World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy) and other key non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Sambazon has pioneered the first of its kind Fair Trade, sustainable and certified organic supply chain of Acai­.

Ryan also discusses some Green Loan Funds including Root Capital and the Nature Conservancy’s Eco-Enterprise Fund.

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