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Business Success.

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Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire and Renee Fraser are
the only two actual women business owners in
the country who have their own on-air radio show.
They lead their own separate companies --
a retained executive search firm and a large
advertising agency. Betsy and Renee bring
real business stories to life.

Inspire. Encourage. Succeed.


Host Betsy

A business owner for three decades, Betsy is
President of Berkhemer Clayton Inc., a retained
executive search firm specializing in senior-level
management searches.

She is also the author of The Board Game --
How Smart Women Become Corporate Directors.

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White Fraser

Host Renee

Honored as one of the
"50 Influential Women in Los Angeles"
and named one of the
"Ten Brightest Women in Advertising",
CEO/Founder Renee White Fraser
has grown Fraser Communications
into one of the top independent
advertising agencies in Los Angeles.

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White Fraser

Host Renee

Forbes names Renee White Fraser Ph.D.
a “California Power Player” in its June 2014 issue
highlighting the world’s most powerful women

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